Large Backup Solutions

Terabyte Class Online Backup

Our backup platforms are designed to deal with large multi terabyte backups. As such we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing with the resilience required for large data backup.

Bandwidth and storage can be scaled to accommodate even the most demanding backup requirements.

Backup Replication

All backups are replicated across two servers to give you total piece of mind that your data is protected. So not only is your data held away from your business premises, it is encrypted onto two offsite backup servers.

Additional replication can be provided if requested, and these backups can be held at alternate locations.

Backup Security

Our backup servers are held in secure data centers with controlled access, 24/7 CCTV, manned security, fire suppression systems, UPS’, diesel generators and multiple redundant Internet connections.

Data is securely held in encrypted format to ensure only the key holder(s) has access. IP address restrictions can also be enabled on request.

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